The Power Drive Pro                             Crush Your Drives

The Power Drive Pro patented designed will improve your Driver Golf Swing Tempo, Driver Golf Swing Plane, Down Swing Lag, Impact & Finish. The Power Drive Pro keeps the club face square to the arc producing solid impact & increased club head speed. The Power Drive Pro also eliminates many golf swing faults in the process including Casting, Early Release, Scooping & Flipping.


Increase Your Distance & Accuracy


Swing the Power Drive Pro a few minutes before you hit balls at the driving range or before a round of golf. In just minutes your swing will feel smooth & effortless producing solid impact. You will see an increase in accuracy & crush your drives like never before. The Power Drive Pro will increase distance and accuracy with every club.


Keep Your Golf Swing Tuned-Up

The great thing about training with The Power Drive Pro is how easy it is. All you have to do is swing it a few minutes before you hit balls with your driver. Within “Minutes” of swinging The Power Drive Pro, you will see instant gains in distance and accuracy with your driver. Swing the Power Drive Pro a few minutes every day to keep your golf swing tuned-up & ready for your next round of golf.


It didn't seem like I had to do anything differently. I just made swings with The Power Drive Pro and I hit my drives longer." - Brian Stevens, handicap 15


"I hit it 30 yards longer! I'm now three clubs shorter going into the green." 

David Jones, handicap 12


After a few days training with the Power Drive Pro, I decided to hit some balls at the range to see if there was any improvement. I was amazed! My clubhead speed went from 112 mph to 120 mph with less effort. I was crushing my driver and hitting more accurate shots not only with my driver but every club in my bag! You have a great training device here.

Paul Brown




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